This is the ultimate chance for an escape and a true adventure. However, compared to a European winter, the southern-hemisphere season can come with a few initial setbacks.

Somewhere on the road to Christchurch.

Negative: No Summer

Positive: Firstly no summer, doesn’t mean no sun. Also, the fact that the season falls in our summer makes it easier to plan time off. It fits perfectly into university holidays - you can do a whole season whilst at uni! Also, some of the layover destinations include Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. Why not turn your 8-hour layover into a 3-day holiday?


Negative: Flights are expensive

Positive: This is true, flights to South America, Australia and New Zealand are always going to be more expensive than Europe. However, keep an eye on those deals! Booking far enough in advance means that you can make the best of good prices. STA often do good deals for long-haul flights with sales throughout the year.


Negative: The snowfall isn’t as good or reliable.

Positive: What? It snows in Australia?! Yes, and last season was awesome! Not to mention that Coronet Peak resort in New Zealand has the highest concentration of snow guns in the southern hemisphere! Snow can be unreliable wherever you are. Just make the most of it when it does fall.


Negative: I need a VISA

Positive: Yes you do, however, holiday visas are easy to get and generally inexpensive. Working holiday visas in Australia and New Zealand last 2 years! So it's really nothing to worry about.

Morning views of The Remarkables, NZ

What else can you expect from a winter on the other side of the earth? Firstly, views like you’ve never seen before. Each country has its own landscape and each is as breathtaking as the next. Secondly, the people are so welcoming. New Zealand still has a very open attitude towards hosting travellers and backpackers. Hitchhiking is a lot more common and considered a lot safer than even in Europe. The culture in South America is everywhere, the Spanish language, the food (you must try choripan - chorizo bread, essentially a spicy hot dog with added chimichurri) and of course the people.


Many other travellers you meet will be on their second time around and its no wonder! With all these countries have to offer many people end up staying longer than just one season.

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