Teenage Road-Tripping Chapter 2

Military Camp

As reluctant as I am to say this, part of the success of our 5-week family trip was my father’s military-style precision when it came to setting and packing up camp.

Day 1 in camp Tregoning and we are assigned our individual duties. Dad – in charge or everything heavy, mechanical and everything managerial. Mum – in charge of everything soft and bedding or cooking -related. Moi – in charge of setting up the equipment tent and roof bed. Lil’sis – in charge of camp observation and bedding tester…

Time to completion: 1 hour, fair performance for first day and concentration was well maintained excluding a small badminton match. Extra notes: I am subsequently banned from all further badminton matches due to my serious lack of hand-eye coordination and aggressive nature.

First day at camp.

Day 12: poor performance due to a major argument over chosen camping pitch (including extensive discussion into wind direction and amount on shade in relation to sun angle). A minor tantrum from Lil’sis lead to further delays.

Time to completion: still ongoing…

Day 29: Excellent performance. Precision executed in all tasks and evidence of teamwork present throughout.

Time to completion: 24.3 minutes.

For a more in-depth report of the entire 5-week mission continue reading with this link:


However, if the inane ramblings of a middle-aged man seem more like torture (trust me it is) then I would give it a miss.

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